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Abuja Police Arrest Four, Seize 21 ‘Rich Kids’ Cars Over Illegal Car Race

On Monday, the police command in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) announced the arrest of four people and the seizure of 21 vehicles in Abuja in connection with illegal auto races and other related offenses involving ‘rich kids.’

Josephine Adeh, the police spokesperson for the FCT, confirmed this in a statement.

The suspects were apprehended and the cars seized, according to the PPRO, as a result of the enforcement of Regulation 228 of the Road Traffic Act, which prohibits illicit automobile races and other related offenses.

According to NAN, the enforcement team, led by Babaji Sunday, the police commissioner in charge of the FCT, impounded the cars on Sunday.

The suspects were apprehended at Muhammadu Buhari Way, in the Nicon Insurance area, where they had gathered for illicit automobile racing, according to the spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, the police in Abuja ordered the full implementation of the ban on all types of car and speed races on Thursday.

All divisional police officers and their supervisory area commanders were ordered by the police chief to ensure that the prohibition was strictly enforced in their respective areas of responsibility (AoR).

The order was issued in response to public uproar about the dangers of recklessness, which include the risk of loss of life, personal property damage, and essential national infrastructure damage caused by car and speed races.

Illegal automobile racing, acceleration races, speed competitions, and physical endurance tests, among other things, had made it difficult for road users in the FCT to navigate.

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