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2023, Nigerlites Beware of Cabals

Dear Nigerlites.

There has never been a time when Nigerlites have to be extravigilant concerning their political future than now as the merchants of toxic politics have all but perfected their permutations to “Install” the Governor of the State in 2023.

This is been done without a recourse to laid down procedures or even allowing democratic principles to prevail. Their actions have all the trappings of a stock exchange trading.

What is gradually unfolding is an attempt to foist a candidate against the wishes of the rank and file of the party and being done with nauseating arrogance; without weighing the repercussions.

This is being done, despite assurances at various engagements by the Governor, that he has no candidate and would allow the will of the people to prevail.

These political merchants have ignored him, and they are who they are today not for any discernable contributions to the society but because of their proximity to government machinery.

This suffocating grip is now being modulated to take over and muzzle any opposition in the party. Consequently, this would give them further ample access to levers of government for continued banditry on the finances of the state.

This group of buccaneers making sure they do not lose their vice grip on Governor Abubakar Sani Bello who came onboard full of desire to change the development narrative of the state, have made sure their personal aggrandizement became the nucleus of governance.

Today, Niger State is a pitiable recipient of all their failings, Nigerlites have to stand up collectively against another round of arrested development and submit in clear terms by resisting this move. It is ill- conceived, fraudulent, arrogant, selfish and has no basis in democratic realities of today.

Nigerlites, would you stand aloof and allow this group to further impoverish and mortgage, the future of the State?.

How do you expect individuals who have fed fat on our patrimony will now also want to become architects of our fate. Can we remain unconcerned that this macabre dance, that is not people factored to further aid the bleeding of the state and cover the nefarious activities of the past.

We are not slaves to the past and shall not be new slaves of exploitation for them. NIGERLITES SHINE YOUR EYES.

A roll call of these characters will show that they do not deserve any form of honour anywhere in the state.

How can an individual who got a contract to build a massive house of Assembly Complex, with constant variations has not completed it four years on. The same goes for another who got a multi-billion naira turn around water contract in Bida, Minna and Kontagora since inception of this regime without completion. The people in these areas are still gasping for water. The renovation of Minna sports gymnasium awarded Six years ago has not been completed hampering the development of sports in the state.

Niger State unlike Gombe, Bauchi and Kaduna states who are cardinal reference points of development have succeeded because they don’t have hawks surrounding their administration. They have always appointed commissioners, local Government Chairmen and other Political appointees.

They control administrative affairs in Ministries where their men are despite direct control on the finances and personnel, there is no visible landmark or objective contribution that can be attributed to them anywhere in the state. It is this objectionable condition they want to perpetrate sentencing us to stone age existence and pittance.

Do I have to mention the individual who got a rural electrification project that is yet to be completed 17 years on what of the serial betrayer who was given an ambassadorial posting, only to dump the party to contest governorship election with another party. Now he is back to the party, directing and projecting.

They are now bold to make claims in billions for payment as the present regime draws to an end. We demand they provide incontrovertible evidence of projects executed to back up their claims.

Nigerlites, are this kind of people who you want to trust? Is it not clear that what they want is to have another individual at their beck and call. Nigerlites are not considered in their political equation but driven by primitive sense of accumulation.

Now is the time to let them know that the circumstances that gave the APC ascendency in 2015 has all but gone. New realities have taken over, new actors are on the scene, various political tendencies have emerged, voting demographics have changed, Peoples perspectives are now sky high. This is why we must not allow this cabal to hold us back.

The time for change has finally come, Resist impositions, Let them have their say, but with our united front they will not have their way.

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