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2023: Imumolen Meets Stakeholders In Kano

Accord presidential candidate, Prof. Chris Imumolen on Monday, met stakeholders in Kano state discussing his 2023 presidential ambitions.

Party members described Imumolen for his uprightness and dedication to stand tall while his ambition is to make Nigeria better.

In a speech, Imumolen said:

”The problem of our nation has gone beyond  selecting leaders based on our regional locations and our religious backgrounds.

“Nigerians are suffering across boards. We need a leader that is at the peak of his career not a leader that is almost declining. We don’t need a 80 or 70 years old president. The problem of Nigeria needs youthful mind to engage it.

“I am the only candidate that will tackle insecurity, unemployment, that will take all Nigerians as one. There won’t be difference between anyone in the North and South.

The biggest challenge in our nation today is because we are divided.”

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