2023: Don’t Sit In Lagos, Port Harcourt And Tell North To Leave Power – El-Rufai Knocks Southern Governors

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, has said it is a foolish idea for anyone to demand that the North must relinquish power to the South in 2023.

Daily Trust reports that el-Rufai made this statement while speaking with journalists in Kaduna on Monday.

He was reacting to the demand of southern governors who had said power must go to the south in 2023.

The governor said zoning presidency is possible but there has to be an agreement between the North and the South, adding that no one has the right to sit in any part of the country to make such a request.

“We are not saying there cannot be a rotational presidency,” he said.

“It can be done but you have to come and sit with the politicians in the north and dialogue and then we agree to give our support to the south but no one has the right to sit in Lagos or Port Harcourt and say whether northerners want it or not, they must relinquish power to the south, that is wrong. It is not how we do politics and in fact, it is foolish.”

In August 2020, el-Rufai said the next president of Nigeria should come from the south.

“Let the southerners also have eight years,” he had said.

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